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Kouki Elska
United States
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Guess I am due for a journal update, since it's been so long. I probably have forgotten things that happened between my last update and now. I also get the feeling I may need to update not long after this due to all the ranting.

For things I do remember:

I have switched to putting all of my blog things into Tumblr, with each blog linking to each other on the side bar:


I have been playing a lot of PSO2 again lately.

Despite that, I'm still growing more and more feminist... which is kind of contradictory to me playing it because it can be a very sexist game with the sexualization of females and obvious catering to male players using female characters, and whatnot.
It becomes hard to ignore, but I guess I just try and deal with it by playing with close friends or soloing(as my character is male). That or I tell myself, "Well, if it's like this, at least male clothing is cheaper...".
Which is true, because male clothing in PSO2 is really cheap, often around the 100k-300k range, while female clothing can be so ridiculously high-priced, like over the millions for some things. At least one outfit in every scratch(AKA weekly gacha) will be over a million due to popular demand.
However, that also is bad for just about any good-looking male hair. The hair I want costs 36 million or higher, because so many female characters want it. The second hair I want most is 5 million or so, despite being obviously a male hairstyle(from a male NPC), because girl characters want it.
The only hairstyle that has come from the AC scratch that remains cheap is the one that was made exclusively for males... the ONLY hair in the entire game that was made exclusive to males. Every other obviously "male" hairstyle is unisex, and every "feminine" hairstyle is female-only.

Another thing that bothers me is the amount of collabs PSO2 does that are obviously made for male otakus who use female characters(harem and "all-girl cast" series), while they don't even try to make anything that would please female otakus who use male characters, which there are actually a fair amount of(even if it's not nearly as many as vice versa, that's because of the "male otaku-pandering" nature of the game detracting many females in the first place).
You would think a collab with something sci-fi like Dramatical Murder would totally suit a universe like Phantasy Star's more than any modern-day schoolgirl anime, but obviously they will never do anything like that simply because it would gross out the entitled, spoiled, homophobic(yet lesbian-lovin') guys playing if they knew they would collab with an anime with any relation at all to "fujoshi", despite the fact that they pretty much removed all BL content from the anime to not gross out those very guys, ruining it for a lot of the fujoshi fans who wished for it.

Other than PSO2, I have not been doing that much.


I tried a new MMO game called Archeage(before official release), and it seemed kinda fun, but now that it is released, it's definitely out of the question to even try logging in due to the long 2000+ people queues... Maybe when it calms down?
What's even worse imo, is that the Glyph launcher they use is incredibly annoying. Every single time I have tried to start the game, it needs to update the stupid Glyph launcher, and then it will give some kind of error which forces me to do some deep folder-digging or completely re-downloading the game(21+ GB, my friends). I have had to re-download the entire game at least twice, and I just won't have any more of it. No game is worth that amount of frustration and stress. I play games to get RID of stress, not create more of it.


Also, I started this poll about what types of anime faces people like in Second Life. The results were a bit different from what I expected, but interesting to know what people really want.

Poll Results:

Eye styles from question 2:

It was interesting to see that many people voted towards the adult female face, yet most of what I see in Second Life are loli to teenage girl avatars with chibi faces with big eyes and puffy cheeks, that resembles a baby's head. Often on developed female bodies accompanied by clothing like revealing miniskirts, detailed panties that shape the vulva, and barely-there bikinis.

I was (pleasantly)surprised that the adult male faces got many votes at all, but the shota faces got so few(I personally know at least 2 friends who love shota-style characters), which I don't really understand, seeing as shota faces are not much different from unisex/loli faces shape-wise.

At the same time, also a little bit disappointed about the third question, knowing that about half of the people who voted care more about a face's extra abilities like blinking/talking/expression changes, or convenience things like a re-color HUD(hint: you can customize/tint anything in SL without these), rather than the actual shapes, skin texture, or overall look of the face.

As an artist, I thought most people would have prioritized the looks above all else, but I guess I am wrong about that. That is one of the troubles of being an artist trying to make a business in a medium like Second Life and unable to find a dedicated scripter.
People demand scripted things, and no matter how good your things look, they may not like it if it's not scripted to do things like blink or move their mouth when they type.

Another thing I have noticed, is that the growing anime community in Second Life is becoming more and more hentai-oriented. You used to be able to find communities that care about actually good anime easily.
Now it feels like most of the anime fans you run into are only into anime for the ecchi, fanservice, moe, hentai, and lolicon. Gynophiliac "lesbian" lolicons who use SL as a way to get laid as a little girl(or futa) with other girls(or futas) or stare/fap to themselves are a very common sight.

Those are the exact types of anime and otakus I generally cannot stand, so I feel like I am pretty much confined to my circle of mostly like-minded friends within SL, and the very small fujoshi/feminist anime community.

Otherwise, it feels like SL's anime community is gradually falling into becoming what people have been misjudging SL as... a sex simulator. While for some it may very well be, it certainly isn't for everyone. For some it is simply a place to make friends and hangout, create stuff, dress up, or live their "Sims" life in. For those who enjoyed doing just that, it can feel like we're being drowned by the "Second life is for creepy perverts" reputation.


Okay, I should stop ranting now.

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